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Managing migraine headaches

A migraine is a throbbing headache that’s painful enough to stop your usual activities. You may also feel sick to your stomach, avoid light and noise, or have changes in your vision. Migraines run in families, but experts aren’t sure why some people get migraines and others don’t. You can often avoid migraines by figuring

family eating healthy snacks together

Create Your Healthy Eating Plan

If you’ve decided to start eating healthier, why not make an eating plan? You can start by thinking about what’s motivating you to make this change, which will help you set long- and short-term goals. Then you’ll need to decide how to track your progress. You might want to use an app on your phone

older man taking his blood pressure

Is High Blood Pressure a Big Deal?

It’s normal for your blood pressure to go up and down throughout the day, but if it stays high, you may be at greater risk of a stroke or heart attack. Most people can’t feel high blood pressure (called hypertension), so it’s important to check it regularly. The good news is that there are many

yoga class

Staying Motivated With Diabetes: Don’t Stop Now!

Staying motivated while managing your diabetes can be tough. That’s especially true this year when getting out of the house is more difficult than usual. You don’t have to do it alone, though. To stay motivated, set goals (with a reward, of course) or enlist the help of your family. There are even online exercise

Dementia support - mother and daughter smiling

Dementia: 9 tips for communicating

Communicating with a person who has Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia can be very challenging. A person with early-stage dementia may have trouble finding the right words. As dementia gets worse, so do problems with words and thinking. Changing the way you communicate may be helpful. Learn 9 tips for communicating effectively and empathetically with